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Vendor Spotlight: Sweets From The Earth

November 16 Keltie Yearwood



Sweets from the Earth has its roots in humble beginnings. In 1977, an alarmed young girl named Ilana learned that the meat in the rabbit stew she was being served for dinner came from cute fluffy bunnies. That was it: Ilana declared herself a vegetarian and swore off meat for life.   

Years later, after some years working in the healthcare industry and making the switch to pastry school, Ilana became a vegan. Upon making this change, Ilana realized Toronto was completely deprived of something very important to her: vegan baked goods. Unacceptable

Jamie-Oliver-300x227-801832-edited.jpgThe team that started it all!

Ilana began baking her own vegan treats and offering them to friends, family and local stores. In 2002, they had gained so much popularity that she opened a commercial kitchen in the basement of her house. Sweets from the Earth was born! Since then, the company has moved into two commercial kitchens: one that is gluten free, one that is nut free. They are certified kosher, dairy-free, egg-free, and are still family owned.  Their products are available from coast to coast, and most importantly, no bunnies have been harmed in the process of creating their delicious, decadent treats (or any other animals!)  

Local to: Toronto, Ontario.

Find them at The Big Carrot!

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