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Spotlight on: Vancouver Island Salt Company

March 13 Laura Ward




Vancouver Island Salt Company was founded in 2010 by former travelling chef, Andrew Shepard. These pacific salts are hand-harvested off the coast of Vancouver Island and patiently infused with flavour at their facility in Cobble Hill, BC. 

Top chefs, restaurants, and food artisans across the country are noticing the quality of these BC local salts."I dip my fingers in Vancouver Island Salt more than any other substance in the kitchen. Ok, maybe water. Vancouver Island Salt in every dish. Fact!"says Chef Dan Hayes, The London Chef. Jacob's & Co. Steakhouse in Toronto serves the salt table-side, while Avenue Magazine's #1 Best New Restaurant in Edmonton for 2017, Chartier, cooks with it.


"Our harvesting process removes some of the calcium in the sea water (which adds bitterness to salt) resulting in a fresh briny flavour that chefs and bakers love."

- Andrew Shepard, Founder of Vancouver Island Salt Company


With unrefined salt varieties like Blue Cheese, Smoked, Spanish Paprika, Jerk, and other eclectic flavours, Shepard's 2016 Canadian Sea Salt Recipe Book is an excellent resource for creative cooking inspiration.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt Company products are available online and in stores across North America including Country Grocer and Tofino Co-Op. Click here to find a location near you!



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After discovering Vancouver Island Salt Company, I felt an instant drop of guilt knowing that the Pink Himalayan Salt at home had to travel over 10,000 miles from Pakistan. Supporting "more local" is a process, and learning the story behind products we buy is key to purchasing with greater integrity. 

When calculating a Localize score, we also take into consideration factors beyond the miles. Read our blog about other factors that impact "how local" a product is to learn more.

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