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Spotlight on: Snappy Grains

March 03 Laura Ward


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Snappy Grains™ by Progressive Foods Inc. is changing the way we think about and eat barley. 


In Canada, 23,000 farmers produce nearly eight million tonnes of barley annually. According to the Barley Council of Canada, this makes us the fourth largest barley producer in the world1. With most yields being used as feed for livestock or malt for beer, it's compelling to inspect: why aren't more people eating this nutritious grain?


Founder Marvin Nakonechny chalks it up to time and taste. In response, after years of research, Marvin patented a food processing technology that uses Hulless Organic Barley to create a kernel that cooks in 10 minutes and has the consistency of rice. Barley "in a snap!"


Elite Growers of Snappy Grains Barley

  • Stephen-and-Peter-on-homeplace-wheat (1).jpg

    Calmar, Alberta


    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Since their inception, Progressive Foods has been in a hit in the lives of Canadians with diabetes. High in dietary fiber, barley is a great diet staple to improve blood sugar levels 2Functioning has a nutritious alternative to high-starch foods like pasta or rice, recipe suggestions creatively venture from Asparagus Risotto and Barley Jambalaya to breakfast  or desert.

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 Progressive Foods Snappy Grains™ Barley is available in stores across Canada including The Grocery People, Highland Farms,
 and most Save-On-Foods locations. Click here to find a retailer near you!  


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