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Spotlight on: Seamount Marine

December 12 Heather Watson




Seamount Marine CEO, Dave McIntyre, takes the plunge into entrepreneurship after a lifetime relationship with the ocean. 


We've learned a lot lately about fishing practices from Localize vendor, Seamount Marine. They first opened their doors in 2015, but don't be fooled by the age of the company, they have over 40 years of fishing wisdom and 15 years of commercial fishing experience. CEO, Dave McIntyre, grew up on the water - and in 2015 he decided to take the plunge and start his own company.


"After fishing and growing up on boats your whole life, you learn to care for and respect the ocean as it provides for you and your family, so you need to be proactive and take care of the ocean." - Dave McIntyre, CEO, Seamount Marine.


Seamount prides itself on using sustainable, low impact fishing techniques, and processes that are as humane as possible. Their delicious Fierce Fish Value Added Seafood Line uses only species that are approved by either SeaChoice or Ocean WiseHere is a bit more of what we learned from Seamount on sustainable fishing practices:


Trap fishing is very targeted and specific, meaning it avoids "by-catch" - where unwanted fish are caught and thrown over board or killed. In trap fishing, bait is set on the ocean floor and targeted to attract particular species. The result of the method is that the natural habitat is left intact - meaning there will be a supply of healthy fish to catch in that area. The method of catching fish can also have an effect on the quality, since hormones released during stress can be trapped in the muscles of the fish and can affect taste. 


Seamount has brought together expertise, passion, and commitment to sustainable and humane practices to bring high quality seafood products to fish lovers. Their unique, sustainable, and delicious Fierce Fish line can be found in grocery stores across British Columbia. 


Fierce Fish Product Profiles


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