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Spotlight on: Big Mountain Foods

March 27 Laura Ward



Mother-daughter duo, Kimberley Chamberland (left) and Jasmine Chamberland (right).


Winner of BCFPA's Product of the Year award, Localize vendor Big Mountain Foods aims to create innovative, nutritious, whole food products. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, their team makes vegetarian friendly creations like veggie burgers, veggie grounds, and the latest – a cauli(flower) crumble. 

Kimberly and Jasmine Chamberland are vigorously working to change the meat alternative game by starting with whole ingredients and minimally processing without the use of modified gums, starches or additives. What makes Big Mountain Foods unique in the meat alternative section is there is no soy, gluten, fillers or preservatives, making their products truly plant based.

"We focus on producing real food that is minimally processed, fresh and clean labelled. It is our passion to help create a healthier world with a focus on food first!"

- Kimberley Chamberland, 

President of Big Mountain Foods



This BC-owned brand has proven it's dedication to quality and transparency with a handful of product certifications. Here's a more in-depth look at what those certifications really communicate about Big Mountain Foods:

Non-GMO Verified

All Big Mountain Foods products are Non-GMO Verified. Genetically modified organisms are defined as any plant, animal, or microorganism that has been modified through recombinant DNA methods.1 Common GMO crops include canola, corn, and soy. "The Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard." 1

Certified Vegan

Big Mountain Foods' Cauli Crumble product is Certified Vegan. "The Certified Vegan Logo is a registered trademark [...] for products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals."2

Kosher Check

To be Kosher Certified, Big Mountain Foods products abide by Kosher laws that " have their origin in the Bible, and are detailed in the Talmud and the other codes of Jewish tradition.[...] The Bible lists the basic categories of food items which are not kosher. These include certain animals, fowl and fish (such as pork and rabbit, eagle and owl, catfish and sturgeon), and any shellfish, insect, or reptile."3 

Product of Canada

This means that "all the significant ingredients in a food product are Canadian in origin and that non-Canadian material is negligible." For example, in their Santa Fe Cheesy Burger Patty, the lentils are grown in Saskatchewan and the vegan style cheese is sourced from British Columbia.

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Big Mountain Foods products are available in stores across Canada including Choices Market, Thrifty Foods, and various Save-on-Foods locations. Click here to find a location near you!

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