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Making Waves in the Local and Sustainable Food Movement

September 02 Keltie Yearwood




The way people look at food is changing. No longer considered a boundless resource, for many, the demand for food has become interwoven with the need for sustainability. People are becoming more mindful of the nutrients they put into their bodies and are recognizing the importance of shopping local and paying attention to where their food dollars are going.

Recognizing the urgent need for a change in some fishing and farming practices, organizations like Ocean Wise have taken it upon themselves to help people learn more about the impact that overfishing has on our oceans. They advocate for sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact on our oceans, help protect endangered species, and promote the consumption of ocean-friendly seafood options. Using a simple classification system, they have set up guidelines to work towards the long term health and recovery of our oceans, securing a sustainable future, and avoiding what was once a seemingly inevitable collapse of fisheries around the world.

With Ocean Wise dedicated to sustainable practices and Localize committed to transparency and the promotion of local food options, it only made sense to join forces. We have partnered together in an effort to help consumers make the most informed decisions possible. Our goal is to draw attention to local vendors that live up to the high standards of sustainability laid out by Ocean Wise.

Sail into a Country Grocer store this fall and look for our co-branded labels!

Together, we are determined to supply consumers with transparent, traceable information. We want to support local fisheries and help them continue their sustainable practices. We make it simple for shoppers to make informed decisions they can feel good about. Shoppers at Country Grocer stores across Vancouver Island will soon find labels featuring a co-branded logo to allow easy identification of the most local, sustainable seafood options in store. We are so excited to announce that we have come together with Ocean Wise as we push further towards our mutual goals that will support local food producers, save fish everywhere, and better the world we live in.

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