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Localize Vendor Spotlight: GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD

October 19 Emma Drudge

Localize brings food data to life by helping you get to know the people and the products in our local food database! GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD is a Localize-registered food producer striving to make a difference in the world by making delicious products and donating food to those who can’t afford it. Get to know the company’s passionate founder, Richa Gupta and discover her amazing sauces and social impact. 

  Image Local to: Toronto, Ontario. 

Unsatisfied with the quality of conventional packaged products and inspired to help those in need, Richa Gupta started GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD: a social enterprise that sells good food to people who are able to afford it, and donates good food to people who cannot. The company’s manifesto is to “bridge the gap between quality and convenience, and between consumption and giving.” 

Richa is a passionate foodie who makes fresh, flavourful spreads, and sauces that are free of additives, preservatives, powders, extracts, and concentrates. For every sale, GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD donates a meal to someone in need through a partner company working to fight world hunger.  

Richa believes in supporting sustainable agriculture, and is partnered with farmers local to the Toronto area to source organic ingredients during the Ontario growing season.  

Find her amazing ketchups and Indian and Mexican sauces at The Big Carrot on Danforth Avenue! 

GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD Product Profiles

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