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Localize Vendor Spotlight: Ecobain Gardens

August 30 Heather Watson


Talk about innovation in agriculture and food production! Registered Localize vendor Ecobain Gardens has a mission to feed its community in the most socially, economically, and environmentally-friendly way possible. Find out how Brian and Roberta Bain are bringing fresh, Saskatchewan-grown produce to store shelves year-round across the Canadian Prairies.

Ecobain uses hydroponic vertical farming to grow pea shoots, basil, mint, cilantro, and dill at their facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their high tech farming uses as much as 98 per cent less water than traditional techniques, and they are able to grow 50,000 plants per month in their completely controlled environment. Ecobain herbs and greens are also packaged as living plants, with their roots on, which means lower spoilage rates, and delicious fresh produce!

Brian and Roberta can be seen below with son, Knox, who is doing a quality check on some fresh greens!


If you are looking for locally grown produce year round, you can find Ecobain in your local Federated Co-op stores in Edmonton, Winnipeg and throughout Saskatchewan.

EcoBain Gardens Product Profiles

Check out our interview with Brian for more details on vertical hydroponic farming.

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