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Vendor Spotlight: The Little Potato Company

November 02 Keltie Yearwood



The Little Potato Company began 20 years ago with Jacob van der Schaaf and his daughter Angela Santiago, who shared a dream of growing small tasty potatoes like the kind Jacob enjoyed in his boyhood in Holland. 

On a tiny plot just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, they planted, harvested and washed their first crop by hand (in the family bathtub!) From there, they upgraded to a root cellar to sort, wash, and bag the little potatoes. Today, they are no longer small fries in the potato world. The company has a network of dedicated local growers in Canada and the U.S. and supplies national retailers in North America.

 Angela's family in field of potato blooms HighRes-min.jpgAngela's family in a blooming field of potatoes.

The Little Potato Company sources potatoes through direct contracts with farmers in Canada and the U.S.. When the Canadian growing season ends, Creamer potatoes are sourced from U.S. farmers through direct contracts and packaged in the Edmonton facility. 

plant staff outside delivery bay 3B4A9744-min.jpgThe Little Potato Company's work-family.

With passion, hard work and the bonds of family, Jacob and Angela successfully created a new niche in the very competitive produce market. That’s no small potatoes! Today, they are as passionate as ever about bringing fresh, wholesome and delicious little potatoes to families across North America. They are also passionate about giving back to the community, donating 2000 lbs of potatoes to local food banks each month. 

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