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Kudrinko’s and Localize Partner Together to Highlight Local Food

October 30 naomi

Look for the Localize labels in store now.

October 30, 2015 - Westport, Ontario. Kudrinko’s, an independent grocery store in Westport, Ontario is partnering with Localize, a shelf labeling company that highlights local food in grocery stores across Canada.

“Localize is about empowering customers to make more informed choices while also helping grocers better communicate and promote their local products,” said Neil Kudrinko, owner and operator of Kudrinko’s, noting he understands the importance of connecting his customers with key food information. “Their labels highlight quick answers to customer questions about where a product was made, what went into it, who made it, and how it was made with a keen focus on sustainability.”

Meghan Dear, Localize’s CEO, is excited to partner with Kudrinko’s. “Kudrinko’s is already a best-in-class grocery store with a focus on the environment, sustainability, community, and innovation. Adding in our shelf-edge local labeling solution will help take Neil’s vision to the next level. Kudrinko’s and Localize are great partners.”

Localize labels can be found next to products in all food departments, highlighting both local and regional products throughout Kudrinko’s. Each label features a quick-response (QR) code that allows customers to find out more about specific products with their smartphones. These labels also highlight the place of production and business ownership, assigning a score between seven and 10.

Prim Lutchmansingh, President of Wonton Crunch, a Localize vendor in Smiths Falls, Ontario and recent Dragon’s Den pitch winner, gives Kudrinko a huge thumbs up for participating in the program. “Localize supports local producers by giving us a voice and helping us to build a presence in local communities, like Westport,” he said. “Thank you, Neil!”

This partnership is an important next step for Kudrinko’s, as the grocer has proven time and again that supporting local food producers, sustainability, and green initiatives are at the forefront of the business. Look for the Localize labels in store now.

About Kudrinko’s

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in business this year, Kudrinko’s is a family-owned, independent grocery store located in beautiful Westport, Ontario in the heart of the Rideau Lakes region. Kudrinko’s is committed to bringing its customers the finest, freshest quality of food and is proud to support local producers. As the first Grocery Stewardship Certified store in Canada, in conjunction with the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, incorporating many green initiatives into daily operations and focusing on bettering local communities is important to the Kudrinko family.

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About Localize:

Localize offers two unique products to grocery stores - a shelf labelling solution and a Sourcing Portal product discovery tool. Localize’s shelf labeling solution collects and conveys product information to consumers, making it easy for grocers to promote local and regional food in their stores. Through smartphone-enabled shelf tags and unique Localize Score, shoppers are empowered with a wealth of information including the who, what, where and how behind the products they buy. Localize’s Sourcing Portal allows grocers to easily discover and pre-qualify suppliers based on criteria such as location, food safety, distribution, and packaging information, making it easier to bring products into stores. Currently, more than 250 grocery stores across Canada subscribe to the award-winning Localize program.

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