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Localize Launches with Vince’s Market

July 03 Spencer, Producer Relations Manager


Summer is finally here and grocery shelves are filling up with juicy Ontario strawberries, ripe tomatoes and crisp greens. This week the staff at Vince’s Market have been busy putting up Localize labels to help guide shoppers towards edible local treasures in all aisles of the three-store chain located in Uxbridge, Sharon and Newmarket. Currently at nearly 300 retailers in Western Canada, Localize is thrilled to welcome our second Ontario retailer to the Localize community!

"For Vince's Market the partnership with Localize allows us to further highlight to shoppers that we are the go-to place when it comes to local. Not just in the produce section but across the store. Localize shelf tags will highlight that from baked goods to honey to frozen foods, Vince's Market provides our shoppers with a premium selection of locally made and grown food”, says co-owner, Giancarlo Trimarchi.

Vince’s history runs deep in the communities they serve. The first location was established in Toronto in 1929. The Vince brothers moved the location to Sharon in 1956 as an open air fruit market. Carmen Trimarchi purchased the market in 1986, and has grown the Vince’s “brand”, along with his partners Brian Johns and Giancarlo Trimarchi. Vince’s Market has grown into an award-winning chain, recognized as being one of the top Independent Grocers in the country by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. (CFIG). Vince’s built their business off of fresh fruits and vegetables, endeavouring to buy from local suppliers when possible. Their slogan, “...Because food is one of life’s greatest pleasures” reinforces their commitment to the importance of price, quality and enjoyment of food.

Localize typically sees an average of 600 local and regional products on participating store shelves. In total, Vince’s will be highlighting 89 Vendors and 930 products on their shelves. This above average result is a testament to Vince's commitment to building strong relationships with regional food producers. Not Just Pies, for example, has been an exclusive supplier to Vince’s for nearly 10 years and is part of the program (see an example of their shelf tag below). Just imagine sinking your fork into an Apple Crunch Crumble sourced with Ontario apples, perhaps with a dollop of ice cream from the infamous, and now Localized, Kawartha Dairy!

The partnership with Vince's has helped boost the total amount of vendors in the Localize database in Ontario to over 200, making it even easier for Ontarians to buy food products that are grown, raised and made close to home.  Be sure to stay tuned for some very exciting announcements as Localize grows further into Ontario and beyond.


Look for the Localize Label at Vince's Market! Look for the Localize Label at Vince's Market!


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