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Understanding Local in Ontario

April 15 Ashley Cattell

One of the enduring debates in local food circles is the question of what ‘local’ should mean. At Localize, our program is strongly informed by what consumers value. In fact, we used crowd sourcing, and customer surveys to inform the creation of the Localize Score – a measure of ‘how local’ a food is where you shop.

Localize recently landed in Toronto. As we gain momentum we want to learn more about what Ontario shoppers value about food to help us better communicate about local food in stores.

Are you willing to share what you think?

Take the survey and help us improve the way we communicate about Local food.

*You don’t live in Ontario? You can still take the survey. We are interested to know what you think too. Your feedback helps us to provide you with the information you want to know about your food.

About Localize:

We’re passionate about transparency, we strive to provide shoppers with fast facts and stories about the foods we love. Through our grocery shelf labelling service, we make it easy to learn the who, what, where and how behind the products you buy.

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