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Metropolitan Chef No Baste Turkey

October 08 Michael

Fall has arrived and we’ve connected with local and regional food producers to bring you a collection of festive recipes perfect for a laid-back Sunday dinner in October, an elegant Thanksgiving spread, a spooky Halloween party, and (dare we say already? Christmas too!) You’ll have no shortage of ideas when it comes to meal planning for fall's festivities, and today we are kick-starting our festive recipe file with "No Baste Turkey" by Metropolitan Chef.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and we love the no fuss approach to preparing turkey by Gail and Roy, the husband and wife duo behind Metropolitan Chef. The pair have been making artisan-made seasoning rubs for the past 12 years, which Gail says has earned them the nicknames "Spice Mistress" and "Spice Boy". 

Metropolitan-Chef-Promo-2-pink - Gail and Roy

"Each Metropolitan Chef seasoning rub recipe took months of experimentation, blending and taste testing to create something that would compliment the dish it was prepared with and be met with rave reviews when served," says Gail.

"As a graduate of French Culinary School I always desired to create my own line of healthy natural food products to fill a void in the marketplace 12 years ago." - Gail McCully, Owner Metropolitan Chef

All of Metropolitan Chef seasoning rubs are gluten free and made without additives, preservatives or fillers in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Gail says their goal is to produce healthy seasoning rubs that compliment and bring out the natural flavour of food with no marinating, and more time for Martini's.  We can't complain, a little less time spent in the kitchen leaves more time for good conversation, stories and laughter around the table.  If you're looking for a 'No Baste Turkey' recipe this Thanksgiving Metropolitan Chef has you covered!

No Baste Turkey

The Perfect Bird Every Time

Recipe by Metropolitan Chef

  1. Mix one package of Metropolitan Chef "No Baste Turkey Rub" with 3/4 to a cup of oil. Rub on a 20 lb. Turkey, close the oven door and roast as usual, that's it your done!
  2. Metropolitan Chef "No Baste Turkey Rub" seals your Turkey making the skin turn a beautiful golden brown and keeps your Turkey moist. But the highlight is the gravy. The 15 ingredients in the rub combined with the natural drippings from your bird make it's own stellar gravy.

Tip: You can substitute a flavoured oil such as blood orange, or white wine, or apple juice or Grand Marnier! If you are doing a smaller bird, use the balance of the package to season your Turkey soup instead of bouillon. Metropolitan Chef "No Baste Turkey Rub" has only 2% sodium, contains no additives, fillers or preservatives and is gluten free.

 Find products from Metropolitan Chef or visit them at and "Take your food to the next level!" 

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