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Nature's Pickin's in British Columbia Joins The Localize Project

June 06 The Localize Project Blog

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Nature's Pickin's in Abbotsford, British Columbia to launch the Localize Your Food initiative in their store. A fresh pop of color from Nature's Pickins country-vintage tags powered by Localize is making it easy to spot the vast array of local and regional food products on their shelves.


Image Nature's Pickin's custom tags powered by Localize are found next to food products in their store and help shoppers find out where a food is made or grown and how it rates on the Localize Score. Photo Credit: Nature's Pickin's


Nature's Pickin's Produce Market is owned by a husband and wife duo who are deeply passionate about food and their community. With Caroline's background as a chef, and Doug's extensive knowledge of produce, it only seemed fitting to open a market and so they did!


Image Caroline and Doug, owners of Nature's Pickin's in Abbotsford, BC. Photo Credit: Nature's Pickin's


Nature's Pickin's opened its doors to the community of Abbotsford in 2000. Since the beginning, Caroline and Doug made it a priority to source product from as many local farmers as possible. Not only that, they partnered up with the folks from the Eco Dairy located right next door to grow a variety of produce from berries to pumpkin to kohlrabi. Their produce is grown without the use of sprays and is packaged and sold right at their store.


Image Nature's Pickin's in Abbotsford, B.C. Photo Credit: Nature's Pickin's


When Caroline first learned about Localize and what we do, her interest sparked! You see, there was potential for a great partnership. Nature's Pickin's already carried a wide variety of local and regional foods and Localize could help these products stand out. We both knew we were a good match!

The past few months we have been hard at work connecting with producers concentrated in British Columbia's Fraser Valley and sprinkled across Western Canada to unpack the stories behind the products they make. Our technology enables us to share these stories with customers while they shop. Tags unique to each regional product highlight where its made, owned, and "How Local" it is using the Localize Score!  QR codes  open a portal to dive deeper into the story behind the food business and learn more about where the product's ingredients are from.

Nature's Pickin's tags arrived early this week and their dedicated staff went to work to put them up in store. Everyone's hard work has paid off and we're all enjoying the official launch of Localize in Nature's Pickin's this week! 



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