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April 25 The Localize Project Blog

Localize has recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the folks at GoodForks about what we do. Check out what they have written about us, and about how we are working on making food origin more apparent to consumers.

During this time, we have also learned a little bit about Goodforks! They are working hard to grow the market for high quality foods so that consumers have the opportunity to make better choices. Curious about the name 'GoodForks'? Well, its so happens that 'Good Fork', is an Italian expression that describes a good eater. At GoodForks they define a good eater as someone who consciously votes with their fork, three times a day.

We can identify with that.

Image Credit: GoodForks

We’re hearing the word ‘local’ more and more, as consumers are more likely to buy local than organic food. Local food creates opportunity for home-grown jobs, draws more people into agriculture, and fosters relationships between people who buy food and those who grow it.

 In the midst of a growing local movement, there remains very little consensus within the food community on what exactly local means. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently expanded the definition of local to “food produced in the same province in which it’s sold, or food sold across provincial borders within 50 kilometers of the originating province or territory.” Some farmers saw the definition as a way to open up new markets, while keeping the esteem of local, as others argued it dismissed the affiliated effort to deliver grown produce within the community.

Head over to GoodForks to read the full piece:

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