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Edmonton’s Volunteer Food Council

July 31 Ashley Cattell

This week we are celebrating Localize's own Meghan Dear on being appointed to Edmonton's Volunteer Food Council.

Liane Faulder has written a great overview of the Food Council, a few of its members and its role. Here is a sneak peak, but be sure to head over and read the whole article!

"The appointment of the council was one recommendation of the city’s Fresh report on Edmonton’s food and urban agriculture strategy, released in 2012 after more than a year of study.

It’s expected that the food council will look at topics such as whether to allow people to raise chickens and bees in the city, but also take on the thorny issue of how to best preserve agricultural land within the city. With a yearly budget of $150,000, the 15-member group will also keep city council up to speed on food and agriculture issues, plus do research, and public education."

You can view the article here:
by Liane Faulder, Eat My Words Blog at the Edmonton Journal
Find out more about the Edmonton Food Council and its members on the City of Edmonton Website: Edmonton Food Council
Selection of produce at a farmers' market

 Photo Credit: City of Edmonton

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